Oxx - Deel 3 - Helm in da House Remix

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Deel 3 - Helm in da House Remix
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Oxx Remixer
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I found this very likable SID from Jeroen Tel.


There is no STIL information available but I don't think it is a cover and deepsid shows no COVER tag for the sid either, so why not?


I am lucky enough to work remotely since the beginning of the pandemic (and will be for the rest of my work life, as it seems), so we are at our summer residence now (a one room apartment in fact, nothing fancy) and this means I only have my laptop, midi keyboard and headphones for production so, sorry if it does not sound good.


I've come across the synth Helm by Matt Tytel while watching educational videos on YouTube and two of the instruments in this remix are from the default stock of Helm. A very capable synth I must say, loaded with some fine EDM patches. (https://tytel.org/helm/)


DAW: Cakewalk by BandLab

Tempo: 128 bpm

Base: C# minor

Synths: Helm, Vital, Surge XT, TAL Bassline, Upright Piano by 99 Sounds

Drums: Drum Pro 64 + Kick&Snare samples from random sources


I hope you enjoy my work.






Good energy!
Very good! The arrangement is nice and the mix is very true to the original.
There is a lot going on. Instrumentation is awesome. Some very nice sounding synths in there. I like it a lot.
Wicked RMX!
Bleeding Ace!
This is pretty good, no doubt, but I'm sorry, I just have a hard time disassociating this tune from Makke's singing on "Hell on Earth Spells Game Over"...

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