Oxx - Angel Face - Back to Basics Remix

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My November work.


I always check the 5 random SIDs list on RKO and that is how I found this SID by Richard Bayliss.


Back to Basics. No wavetable synths, no samples (except from vocals), just pure waves, filters and LFO's. For the kicks, percussion and snares, too.


All the instruments are designed from scratch, except for the lead entering at 01:23, which is a modified preset from Odin 2 (Because T-Force Alpha Plus does not have good distortion capability) and the chip tune chords at 00:54, which is a preset from Surge XT. (Because T-Force Alpha Plus does not have an arpeggiator)


All instruments: T-Force Alpha Plus

All percussion elements: TAL Noise Maker


One night, I was doing the ironing for my girls for school the next day, and was listening to my latest modifications at the same time. I realized that the iron was pumping the steam in exact harmony with my remix, 150 bpm, 150 bursts per minute 😊 I knew then that I had to use it somewhere in the remix and you can hear it from 00:08 to 00:14, a single triggering of the iron, no stretching/shrinking of the auido, steaming (as I was ironing) from right to left 😊 Low quality recording, sorry for that.


Tempo: 150 bpm (as original)

Key: C# minor (as original)


I hope you enjoy my work.

Yet another great release from you Oxx! You deliver time after time, going strong for the Best Newcomer award! Excellent!
Review by tim_forsyth


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I enjoyed this, the countdown and beats remind me of the game Rez. Extra red points for making the majority of the patches and your mix has a good amount of weight and punch to it. I used my washing machine in a remix once, but I think you should get an award in the new year for most novel application of a household appliance in a remix.