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Nordischsound - Ghost 'n Goblins - Orchestra Cover

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Nordischsound Newcomer
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Very energetic! .. Just how I'd imagine a real orchestra would of performed it. Great work :).. Also like the reverb choice, gives it that feel of a live performance.
Brilliant soundstage, great arrangement!
This was so close to a red one and for sure is a superb track with great arrangement. I listened at least 4 time to the entire track but in the end for a top notch orchestral piece there's missing something. Sorry I can't excatly tell what it is.
I like that brass section! Very triumphant. Nice cross between rock/orchestral.
Review by LaLa


Artistic skill

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Overall rating

Hi, welcome to the remix community!

A very good remix, especially for somebody who is a newcomer here, and especially for an orchestral cover.

Using an organ for the intro - clever! Unfortunately, the rest of the arrangement relies too heavily on the percussion to drive it forward. I also hear a bit too much of the low-end instruments throughout the remix, which muddies it up for me. I wish you also used a larger dynamic range for the individual orchestra sections - everybody just seems to be playing all the notes at the same intensity, which makes it sound too unnatural. Other than these, I think the arrangement has a lot of promise, but I think with a bit more attention to the individual instruments (and maybe even adding a few surprise articulations here and there) it would've really shined.