Mordi - Tears of my Heart (Beyond)

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90% of this track was done a few years ago (or last year?). The guitar-track was recorded by jabond23 from the OCRemix forum. The goal was to create a mostly straight-forward remix of Drax's Tears of my Heart XM-module. I think the module has a charm to it. It's quite different from the SID, which is also very well done.

Sooo great, thanks Mordi! Reminds on "Cherry Blossom Girl" by AIR... Which is also good!:-)
Very very stylish - with a smoother sounding Lead this would have been outstanding to me
Beautiful and nostalgic in some way
Started off wicked but then, kinda lost it a little. Love the background tune. Agree wholeheartedly with Lala on this cept for the guitar as the lead, maybe a mix of that and the normal lead but toned down, ya know a saxophone would've been amazing...
Wow, love it on c64, and love this equally. Right up there with Moogs renditions of Drax/Laxity.
Guitar as the main lead would be outstanding. The lead instrument is very recognisable as Mordi's though! Still a good remix although like LaLa, I do prefer Dafunks remix of this tune.
Another good Remix by Mordi, always worth a download
Honestly, I think Dafunk's version is still better after all these years. I think the lead instruments need to be toned down here, they are too ear-piercing. I wish the guitar was used for the lead throughout. The intro and the outro is beautiful, though!
A little cheesy! But I think it's supposed to be, eh? Anyway, very nice one! Again!
Great version of this tune
If one is feeling down, wrap this tune around you and you'll soon be feeling fine!

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