Makke - Tuneful Eight

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It’s been a while. Almost 10 years. Wasn’t sure I’d make any more remixes. Had a chat with Wobbler a couple of months ago and I suppose that planted a seed. All of a sudden I felt the urge to remix something. Wasn’t sure what. Randomly clicked around in HVSC and landed on this LMan tune.


Didn’t realise when I started that I’d accidentally not remixed the whole tune - this is after all a four SID composition. This was a bit of a lucky accident, because I think I got ideas for the remix I wouldn’t otherwise have had. So here it is. I hope you’ll enjoy it!


Oh, and the bass intro. I always wanted to do a bass along the lines of Prince’s Controversy. I suppose this was it. 😊


Big thanks to LMan for much needed feedback - both on mixing and the arrangement. Without your input, this would’ve sounded a lot worse!

Really nicely done.
I'm honoured, Makke! Great original take on the tune.
Beautiful SID remix, the remix itself seems to taken notes from One Must Fall's soundtrack which I like very much.
Makke Goooooooooooood!:)
Nice but can you Makke it more tuneful? :) Great stuff mate.
Still got it mate :) Good stuff
Good stuff
Like it a lot - welcome back!
Fresh and excellent SID remix!
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Oh, he's back-eh-makk-eh. Sort of happy that I was able to spark some sort of creative juice! And yeah, breakbeats need a big revival *makes a mental note*