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Since It's Binary, Baby! has gone off the radar for a while, I decided to release the remixes here on RKO. I will release one track per month in track order from the album. I decided to remaster the tracks. Not sure if they're better sounding or just different sounding, but they've been remastered from my original Renoise mixdowns.


This track was always a bit of an odd one. I suppose the album was so weird and diverse in style that another strange, end-of-the-movie kind of track wouldn't sound completely out of place.


I have clearly taken liberties with the arrangement, leaving some of the less intuitive twists of the original out, in favour of a more straightforward and ear pleasing (if I may say so) end result.


The production has aged a bit though it was intended to sound early 90s Turricanish, which it actually does. I really like the interplay between the SID and my arrangement and choice of sounds. It works.


To this day, this is the only remix of this particular track.

Thanks Makke for putting it on RKO!
It veers a bit too much away the original, and not to its advantage. Honestly, this wasn't my favorite track from the album, either. Still a great remix, just not Makke's strongest, me thinx.

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