LMan - Formula One Simulator (feat. Boz)

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Syntax Era - Remix64 Volume 3
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Tribute to Frankie Goes to Hollywood's Two Tribes

Composed by Rob Hubbard
Arranged by LMan
Radio announcer vocals by Boz
Using an excerpt from a Rob Hubbard interview with Morpheus
Mastered by Thomas Detert

For me, Trevor Horn is the producer of the 1980s, playing a huge role in defining the characteristic sound of so many great acts of that time. Frankie goes to Hollywood is one of them. During the production of Two Tribes and Relax, he and his colleagues pushed the latest synth and sampler technologies to the limits to achieve an unheard-before sound. The Formula 1 Simulator remix is my attempt to capture that sound, yet of course it is but an echo of something greater. Boz supported me with his great "BBC radio announcer" impersonation. After a lot of futile attempts to make the song sound right in the mastering stage, I sent the mixdown over to Tom, who worked a true miracle with his mastering. Thanks guys!
Digital Album
Extra kudos for picking FGTH's best song ever!
Although Rob is a genius, I didn't like the original nor this remix too much.
Thought it was amazing the first time I heard it - 2 great tracks, blended perfectly by LMan

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