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jensa86 - Grand Prix Circuit

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Grand Prix Circuit
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jensa86 Remixer
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I tried to keep this as faithful as possible to the original, in both arrangement and sound. It certainly is NOT an Amiga MOD conversion, everything was created from scratch. But I did want to preserve some of the lo-fi charm which I like. It might not be terrible exciting as a remix, it's more of a straight remake of the original SID with some minor additions. I used Synapse Orion 7, XR-909 drums, PoiZone 2 softsynth, and Korg Monopoly samples from Legowelt!

Very amiga'ish in the sound, nice enough little ditty.
No highs, no lows.
Not familiar with the SID but nice little track. Has some good stuff going on, but overall nothing special either. I quite like it though.
Sounds like an Amiga MOD conversion, and not a particularly good one at that.
Bit too short.
How Hadlelid would have made it, if the C64 could♥
Review by testacorsa


Artistic skill

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Well done! I am very impressed by your ability to keep it lo-fi. The dry sound, especially the drums is spot on. The Pad sound with delay on the first beat from 0:53 really takes it to another dimension, but still stays true to the spirit of the song. I imagine this is what Kristjan Hatlelid would have made it sound like, if the c64 had the ability back then. 10/10 . Absolutely ♥ it.