Infamous - Fury of the Furries - European Fury Remix

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Came about whilst i was rooting through my emulation folder and trying to get my amiga emulator to work.
I always had a soft spot for fury of the furries as it was and was playing through quiet happily till i got to the forest section.

There i heard the little tune again and instantly thought... someone should remix this its great.. i checked and saw that a fair few people already had but not to my liking they were a little too like the originals for me.

So in the interest of being different i just took all the patterns and began making my own rendition of it, i made a strong point of ensuring that there was no amiga samples within, i didnt refer to the original soundset and tried to make it as much mine as it was moby's.

Done completely on buzz and with only around 3/4 samples actually used the rest being internal sounds from the program i am quietly proud of this one.

and i do hope you guys enjoy it too.
Takes a while to get going then its pretty neat :) Thanks!
Nice one.:-)
Nice melody hints at potential here. But it comes in too late, and it's too quiet compared to the rythym, and rather simple.

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