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Thank you for the time to listen to it and to comment it. There are so many good Golden Axe remixes out there…so i tried to give it a fresh new look. But you´re right: the mixing could be a bit better. I will remix it (like mentioned below) if i got enough time -.- Actually i am working on two other tracks, but the third will be this remix again😉 Thanx again for your comments…really helpful & appreciated.

Thanks for your comments & votes!
The version that is included in the Scene Sat Compilation should be sound different, because the good guys there did some final touches (i believe). Thank you (btw.)!

@ Master Baator: By tuning part you mean the transposed part near the end i think !? Thinking of a re-remix, but i need to get some distance to this song first😉 …worked too long on it.

@ LaLa: thanks! will try some different synths then😉

@ ryrynz: Yes, it changes between two themes (or parts)…think thats a matter of taste then. But i totally agree with the different styles😉 i love to combine, to get new sounds…but maybe i should not do this :P…or reduce it ^^

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Ic3m4n is back with some cool and fat sounds great job :D
Me likey!
The sound is crispy clear and a refreshing remix of this cool original orchestral piece of music (SID style). What I am annoyed of is the middle section with the SID lead. It is bad and the tuning part is misplaced. Remix and an orange face is yours!!
I really like the arrangement, but somehow the instrumentation or the mixing is not quite there. Lots of good ideas here, but it feels half-cooked.
Nice one. But I would really remove that "Music Instructor" voice.
Yeah, some great sounds in it!
Good arrangment, but have to agree with lala...
It changes too much, I can't get into it. I like the 0. 50 and the 2. 32 areas, you really need to bring out the main tune and make it epic.. And please no patter drums or radio tuning! I'd keep to just a couple of different styles in the one track.
Very good job!
With a bit more tuning, this could be wicked. Go for a more progressive euphoric banging trance sorta sound!! Great ideas in here though, but id have to agree with others. Just sounds half finished. But great none theless!!

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