Eivind Sommersten - JT 42 (We Got the Fire)

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That is some good $#! T right there.
Love the meat of the drums but it's a tad boring as it stands with the rest of the instruments starting to grate a lil as it gets through, prefer the SID :P
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Clever use of vocals, I really like it when you duck the chords with filtering to bring the singer forward. Crispy clean mix - maybe too clean if you were going for a full 80s style like the original Level 42 song. Your drum set is simply magnificent, excellent, punchy sounds! The piano improvs towards the end are really cool, too.

And now for the negatives: the ending is a bit too abrupt for my taste. I wish there was some more variation in the rhythm section (other than the breaks) - it's certainly fine as is, it's a great groove by itself, but my ears get a bit tired of it by the end of the song. At times I wish the vocal was fattened up a bit more with (pitch-shifted) layering, especially when it's singing the We got the fire hook. That lead sound from 1:33 - I don't care for it much. That should've been a lead guitar, IMHO, that would've been killer.

Despite my complaints it's a really good track, but I think with a bit more work it could've been outstanding.