Eivind Sommersten - End Sax (sans sax)

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Vocals by Merethe Soltvedt

Oooh, I like this. I'm getting serious Dan the Automator vibes from this track.
Pretty chill track. Nice beat and vocals.
Beautiful.... Usually sample loops don't do it for me, but here's an exeception. Totally on point! Well done.
Swept me away this one, good work!
Doesn't adhere to any listening habits. This remake is an original!
Review by LaLa


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I would like to know what's in the water in Norway, because it seems that almost every remix submitted from that country is of incredibly high quality!

The intro of this remix sounds like 4 different sample loops mixed together - I don't know if that's the case, but not that it matters, because once that piano lead floats in, I am already melting. And when the beautiful vocal replaces the piano, I feel like I am floating towards heaven.

This remix really hits a soft spot in me. Actually, it's more like it caresses a soft spot in me. The violin, the strings, the singer, the soft drum rhythm - it all feels just right. Whether they're sample loops or not - who cares. Eivind managed to create a wonderfully emotional piece out of DRAX's relatively short SID piece. Bravo! 👏👏👏 And thanks for sharing it with us! 👍

PS: Haha, yes, it is funny that a song with sax in its title has no sax in it. 😁