dokmatik - Space Harrier

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Shows promise but could do with some more work. Also The mixing isn't great,
The arrangment is good its never boring or something but it sounds terrible sry
I love the start, it has great moments, but lead sound really ruins it a lot. If it were softer, and mixing a bit better it could have orange/red smiley from me. Listen to moog lead sounds, you'll see what I mean.:)
Should up the bpm a lot - the original was so much faster - its ok but flat at that speed - cant see aliens hurtling to me at the speed your playing it and where is Welcome to the fantasy zone - get ready?
Starts off pretty well but the lead... Far too thin and reedy sadly.
Sounds a bit strange, the soudns are all over the place, not sure if they are distorting or what, sometime extremely soft, abut lots of "pumping" going on, maybe overly compressed?
Nahh, I quite like this actually, restrained unlike the original, could do with maybe a faster BPM and a thicker body. Good nontheless.
I don't know if to call this weird or ingenious. The composition is intelligent; a good start with nice middle sections and a suitable end, but the choice of instruments and the production are terrible. Try listening to it with headphones. My ears bleed
I really wanted to like this - it starts off so dreamy and then the choice of instruments don't mix well together.
Great arrangement, but the lead sound is too sharp. Tone it down or transpose it.
This is great! It really retains the naïve catchiness of the original while adding to it in completely novel but utterly harmonizing ways! Wonderfully done!
Starts well but the lead instrument... Eek
Revisiting this classic with great innovations in the melody
An absolute knckout for me ; so sweet..... Respect for making an innovative/ yet respectful remix of this classic... Ain't no musician so I don't grasp the apparently horrendous "flaws", but to the Beotian I am, it just sounds and feels GOOD
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This is easily one of the best old classic arcade remixes I have ever heard. The original Space Harrier theme was quite catchy and memorable, but a bit lacking in genre identity. Dokmatik has created a version that retains the original catchiness and even increases the tension of suspense of the original, while successfully introducing the song into a genre where it fits extremely well: naïve retro-psychedelic sci-fi. This arrangement qualifies for the very top of sci-fi signature themes in my view.
The chord sequence in the transition between the introduction and the main theme is nothing short of ingenious. This is one of those rare remixes where nothing has been lost, but the final result adds several new layers that harmonize perfectly with the original. Fabulous work!