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Daree Rock - Turrican 2 - The Final Fight

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Cool Instruments, the intro was nice and the mix was well done. Nice mellow tune! Love that classic sampler style drum. Nice Job, great stuff!
All in all a nice tune. Maybe a bit boring bass/drum line. But the rest is ok.
Clean & simple but still very enjoyable!
Sounds clear. Instruments are pretty good. A bit repetitive, imo.
Kind of sweet, airy and relaxing synthpop. I like this. Can't really say I hear too much Turrican II though.
Sounds very late 80's club like - its ok - good work
I like it a lot! Kind of Laser Dance style but better :-)
Rhythmic, relaxing, awesome!
A little Repetitive, but very polished. 3 Stars!
A promising start, but then there are simply nothing that keeps me interested.
Nice intro yes, but too repetitive. Nice mastering etc though! You know what it sounds like? An old crack intro on amiga :] Cute outro too! Heck, I'll give you orange :P
I like the instruments on this, well balanced airy sound, reminds me a bit to the old Koto- and Laserdance-Tracks, but way smoother. I'd say this is a good one! Plain Yellow.
Absolutely by-the-numbers!
It is nice, but so repetitive (the first 1:36 is almost like a broken record)
I am already listening to it for the 10th time. It's a dream supporting tune, my thoughts just keep drifting on to better places. Also very good as a credits tune. Simplicity rocks, well done!
Funky groove... But I miss some changings... Nice Atmo anyway.
Very calm, but balanced and well done

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