Chronberg - Gyroscope - Unzalicious version

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Still unsure about the start on another Gyro mix but DAMN! Chronblom never ever fails to amaze me! Its a headbutt and a kick in the knackers at the same time!
Is there anything Chronoblom cant do justice!! This just reeks of class with a serious UNZY version of one of my favourite SIDs
Well, if the begining of this tune doesn't get you movin', nothing will...
Brilliant yet again productionwise and arrangementwise.. But as a wise man once said about another remixer "this guy has written down his recipy now, perhaps it's time for an update, even though this is not bad at all.;)"
Nice stuff.. Cant really speak about it much I dont know the original that well.. But this sounds very very nice.
Very good, well, very very good.:)
Very nice use of Vanguard (i think? ) and nice SFX, too. The original sid is not very long and to do a nice remix of those short SIDs is not that easy.
IF UNZ is done right... It's surely acceptable... And here it is/was so far...;-)
Very good. Your remix reminded me to some Gigi D'Agostino stuff. Nice :)
OUTSTANDING!! Nothing less. Turn it up!
Too much Per, but Gyroscope... Outstandig for the technical aspects.
I LOVE THIS REMIX!! Well Done Chronblom!! Your always making Supreme on Kwed!! Keep up Your Trancy Style Its Super Nice! The only thing I have to say about this song is MORTAL KOMBAT!!!
Yeah, I like it. Unza unza it works!
Another tune of the Chronblom standard!
Very best music extreme gooood
Great uptempo version, the electronica stuff really works here.
Boom tzk Boom tzk Boom tzk... In other words UNZ UNZ UNZ...
Amazing :D It's exactly the style of techno I love... It remembering me in Blade :D
Something's wrong with the dynamics (compression too high? ), at least for my taste. Nice atmosphere, fits very well to the game.
This really takes on a life of its own. Awesome.
WOW!!! One of that techno remakes that works for me really fine. I LOVE IT!!!!
Super nice version! Love it!
This is too far away from gyroscope. Not every tune is uitable fo making a techno version of it.
Never played this game before, but surely sounds great!
Great remix

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