New Album: SIDRIP Alliance - Re:ReLive

SIDRIP   Re ReLive Cover

The Hungarian band SIDRIP Alliance is proud to present their second remix album titled Re:ReLive! Nine years after their debut album ReLive they've finally been able to complete their second album, which is based on their live performances between 2012 and 2018. Although the COVID pandemic put a damper on their plans for this album, they never gave up and are now ready to share their latest remixes with the world. Besides featuring C64 classics like Krakout, Sanxion and Outrun, the album is also full of surprises like a medley of SNES tunes, and even an Amiga remix. Just like their previous album, this one is also free to download - although I'm sure they would appreciate your donations, too. So, go listen to their album at one of the below links and enjoy that unmistakable sonic atmosphere that only SIDRIP Alliance can provide! And after that, go to the album's page on Remix64 and vote on the individual tracks!