by SIDRIP Alliance
SIDRIP   Re ReLive Cover Label
Total playing time
40 min

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A free SID remix album by SIDRIP Alliance, released at AROK Party 2024.


SIDRIP Alliance

Char: drums

Werdy: keyboards

Gery and Hermit: bass

Suby and NecroPolo: guitars


Performed by Sidrip Alliance between 2012-2019

Tracks were recorded between 2012-2024

Pre-production: Graphite 3.6+ between 2020-2024

Produced by Vincenzo in 2024


Drums performed by Chad, recorded by Abel Mihalik (except for track 01 and 08)
Synth recording: Werdy
Bass recording: Gery, NecroPolo, Hermit
Track 01 drums by RoboChad
Track 08 drums and vocals: Joerg Pokol
Guitar recording and pre-production: Suby, NecroPolo
Producing, mixing and mastering: Vincenzo
Cover art: Poison, original design: Werdy and Unreal

Thanks to everyone in the demoscene and C64 remix scene.

Keep the spirit alive!

Released June 30, 2024


LIVE FOREVER Written by Dane (Stellan Anderson)
KRAKOUT Written by Ben Daglish
CRAZY COMETLEON Written by Rob Hubbard *
FLIMBO'S QUEST Written by Reyn Ouwehand **
OUTRUN Written by Hiroshi Miyauchi, Ian W. Crabtree ***
S-NES MEDLEY Written by Terashima/Yamashita, Shimomura, Kanki, Beanland/Norgate
TRACE OF SPACE Written by Laxity (Thomas Egeskov Petersen)
SHADOW OF THE BEAST Written by David Whittaker
SANXION Written by Rob Hubbard
CHAOS THEORY Written by Gargaj (Szelei Kis Gergely)

* 'Chameleon' written by Herbie Hancock
** 'Never gonna…' written by Stock Aitken Waterman
*** 'Knight Rider' written by Glen A. Larson and Stu Phillips, 'The Race' written by Boris Blank and Dieter Meyer

Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages on Bandcamp for license info.

Track list

Track   Title Act Length Rating
1-01 Live Forever SIDrip Alliance 3:37 0% 
1-02 Krakout SIDrip Alliance 3:59 0% 
1-03 Crazy Cometleon SIDrip Alliance 4:51 0% 
1-04 Flimbo's Quest SIDrip Alliance 3:48 0% 
1-05 Outrun SIDrip Alliance 3:27 0% 
1-06 S-NES Medley SIDrip Alliance 4:32 0% 
1-07 Trace of Space SIDrip Alliance 3:11 0% 
1-08 Shadow of the Beast SIDrip Alliance 3:19 0% 
1-09 Sanxion SIDrip Alliance 4:35 0% 
1-10 Chaos Theory SIDrip Alliance 4:31 0%