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"C64 Rocks" Kickstarter Near the Finish Line!


The Kickstarter for C64 Rocks, the newest album by FastLoaders has less than 10 days to go and it's oh-so-close to getting funded! If you haven't supported it, yet, now is your chance! Hit the link below for more details.

Submitted by LaLa

Encore64 - New Album Available for Pre-Order


Encore64 is an upcoming new SID remix album that's already available for pre-order at the link below. The album is hallmarked by such noted SID composers and remixers as Danko, Peter Clarke, Glyn R Brown, Vincenzo, Romeo Knight, Tomsk, and also features the first published works from Fred Gray for over 2 decades. Check out the link for short previews, and ooh, look at that, they have merch available, too! Also, tune in to SLAY Radio on December 9 for a live on-air introduction of the album.

Submitted by LaLa

FastLoaders: C64 Rocks - Kickstarter


The FastLoaders have a new album in the works titled C64 Rocks, and they created a Kickstarter campaign for it. The album will contain remixes of over 30 classic SID tunes, and the physical album will be packaged as a triple (!) digipak. Click on the link below for all the glorious details.

Submitted by LaLa

Remix News - October 2021


Remix News, October 2021 - courtesy of Lea, Mordi and SLAY Radio. Lots of releases this month, so strap in and enjoy the ride!

Submitted by LaLa

"Epic Action" Album Kickstarter Unsuccessful


Sadly, the Kickstarter campaign for the Epic Action album by Prismatic Realms, an independent video game developer based near Toronto, Canada has failed to reach its goal. ☹ Click the link below to read their announcement.

Submitted by LaLa

Remix News - September 2021


Remix News, September 2021 - courtesy of Lea, Mordi and SLAY Radio. See which track Lea picked to feature from last month's uploads!

Submitted by LaLa

New Album on Kickstarter: Epic Action Vol 1


Prismatic Realms, an independent video game developer based near Toronto, Canada has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new album titled Epic Action Vol 1, which will contain C64 and Amiga game music remade as epic film scores. Think SID and Amiga remixes in the style of Hollywood blockbuster action movie soundtracks. Click the link below for the Kickstarter page for a lot more details, including demo tracks!

Submitted by LaLa

Remix News - August 2021


Remix News, August 2021 - courtesy of Lea, Mordi and SLAY Radio. There were quite a few releases that month, so this episode is almost 20 min long! Lots of remixes for your audial enjoyment!

Submitted by LaLa

Out Now: The Sound of SceneSat Vol. 6


The 6th volume in the popular The Sound of SceneSat compilation series is out now, featuring such well-known musicians of the scene as Dafunk, D4XX, Danko, Jeroen Tel, LMan, BeeZerk, Jogeir Liljedahl, and many-many others on a total of 73 (!) tracks that will sure to keep your ears busy for a while. Although the compliation is available for free, donations are also welcome that benefit SceneSat to help fund broadcasts of demoscene events and parties.

Submitted by LaLa

25 Years of HVSC - article


HVSC turned 25 years old on July 12, 2021 and on this occasion The Shark (HVSC founder), Waz (former HVSC admin) and LaLa (former HVSC Crew member) provide a detailed account of the SID collection's history.

Submitted by LaLa