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2 Signed copies of remix64 - The CD, 2 copies of Merregnon 2, and 2 copies of Immortal 2

About The CD's

As you probably know already Remix64 is an 80's remix CD of c64 Classic anthems.

Merregnon 2 is the follow up to Merregnon, which has been the most succesful scene CD ever. Merregnon 2 is set to take the concept of the 1st and take it one step further. This time the prague philamonic Orchestra has been recruited to achieve the perfect ideals set by Producer Thomas Boecker. It's also the first CD to be signed up to a major Record Label and will be released in the shops all over the world.

Immortal 2 is the follow up to Immortal (clever guess😉 ) It's a remix CD containing some superb remixes of Amiga Music done by no other than the actual musicians who wrote the original pieces. 😊

Remix64 - The CD

What To Do?

Either Remix a c64 tune in the style of the 80's or remix a c64 tune in the orchestral style.

The best tune in either style will win remix64 (signed), Merregnon 2 upon it's release and Immortal 2 upon it's release.

Plus it's possible that a tune in either style might be used on remix64 vol. 2 or Bit4 (if it really really shines).

Merregnon Cover


  • Remix64 will only Accept remixes in mp3 format.
  • Minimum length of remix is 3 mins.
  • The judges' decision is final.
  • 1 tune per style limit per arranger limit. An arrager can if so wishes provide a remix of both styles. Meaning you can do a remix of the 80's and a remix of orchestral.
  • If an arranger wins both styles, then a 2nd placed arranger will also win. Based on highest points awarded overall from each catagory.
  • Closing Date: 31st October 2002

That's it. Simple really 😊

Immortal 2

How to Send

E-mail us with your remix.

If you have a remix that is over your permitted e-mail size limits then contact us, and we'll arrange another method.