by NecroPolo
Necropolo: raKBIT Label
Total playing time
47 min
Overall album score
 85% - Outstanding

Digital Album
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NecroPolo has produced a stunning album which is built on a vintage prog-sound: from hard as nails to Rhodes-heaven, NecroPolo has got beneath the skin of the pieces and created something which is totally authentic to their spirit.
As if that wasn't enough, this album features the first ever C64-executable album cover, complete with classic scrolltext and the original SIDs that appear on the album, in one PRG!
And if THAT wasn't enough, this demo contains the first ever usage of a revolutionary new SID encoding format which enables any complexity of SID to be played back with minimal raster time, no matter how complex the player! Named SIDRIP, this routine was produced by Hermit specially for this demo, because pieces such as Scoll Machine or Rimrunner needed to feature in this demo, and their players were far too difficult to squeeze into a one-file demo.

Track list

Track   Title Act Length Rating
1-01 Rimrunner NecroPolo 4:22 87% 
1-02 KAOS NecroPolo 2:41 85% 
1-03 Alliance NecroPolo 4:08 85% 
1-04 Yip Headroom NecroPolo 6:59 82% 
1-05 Parallax NecroPolo 5:16 87% 
1-06 Tusker NecroPolo 4:31 85% 
1-07 Rhodes Nebula NecroPolo 5:51 86% 
1-08 Laser Squad Tribute NecroPolo 5:29 82% 
1-09 Sanxion NecroPolo 4:50 87% 
1-10 Batman the Movie NecroPolo 2:48 85%