Xenox - Pool Party (FN mix)

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Pool Party (FN mix)
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Volker PRI Meitz did a lot of great tunes on the C64 and one of my favourite ones is Pool Party out of Coma Light 11 from Oxyron. A nice demo with fucking nice music, there are more oustanding tracks from PRI in this demo which are worth to get remixed, let's see what I can do.. hehe..
Well, everything was made on a Mac with Logic Pro, nothing more used, all the synths are virtual Instruments and the drums were played live on my V-Drum, because I am no good drummer i had to re-work the midi data again…
Have phun and vote if you like it, personally i had a lot of fun making this track…
Funky. Will have to keep an eye on this Xenox.
Good one, I like the lead synth, but imho bass is perhaps too fat.
Nice Chords - I like this - could be a fatter bass - but the main lead is nice and reminds me of the sid
Groovy :) like it
Outstanding sound & most definately funky - I'm glad to know him and his music for a while now:-)
Very funky little tune.
Frank, nice work! I like the melody, it´s very groovy. Well, done!!;-)
I still don't like funk but I must admit that is a good composition - however missing some variation. It rate it good especially due to the drum session. Cool way to end... The choice of instruments in general I don't like. But a good composition :-)
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Unfortunately I can't really give this much credit points. Anyone can use SID2MIDI, but the important thing is (and is what is most noticeable) is when the arranger doesn't double-check the original SID to ensure that all the notes are correct. The program is a really good way to capture the notes, but it doesn't handle slides / glides at all, hence if a song uses them and the notes ain't corrected, it can ruin your cover.