Xenox - FN-Trip2Mars (granularsynthesisedition)

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It was made 3,4 months ago, someday i was talking to Torben Metal Hansen after i released my 2 other remixes, which track i can take next. He told me that he is working on a track called Trip2mars he made years ago and i was listen on this track. I thought, nice track, i have an idea and we came to a 2 guys internal compo, who is making the better remix out of his old tune....

After one or two 2 days, he called me up and asked for some vocals i did for him, you can listen them on his track, check it out, very cool...

Well, for me, Torben has won because his Track is great and very groovey, thumbs up to his work...

Trip 2 Mars (Mnml Trip) - feat. Xenox


[borat] I like! [/borat]
Boring Soz
Very good remix Frank! The original track was all about trying new things, and I think you succeeded in doing something special with the old tune. Thumbs up!
Very cool sound!
I like the sound. I don't like the montonous arrangement. I like the controlled aggression it contains. I don't like the start/end. Rants over, good stuff :)
Killer stuff! But some more variations could have been nice
I agreeed with prowler & necropolo, sounds OK, reminded me to early '90's techno tracks.
Couldn't be more repetitive. Technically ok.
Ich krieg nen Rohr!

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