DJ Skitz - Mission Impossibubble Hiscore (Bubblicious Edit)

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DJ Skitz Adept
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Nice relaxed version of it. Only the main-lead turns out to be a bit too 'in front' for my taste though...
Extra points scored for not doing a trance version ;) However, it does have a slow start and the lead could also do with a bit more "life", even for a ballad like this.
Bad synt sound
The more I listen to this tune, the more it gros on me. Like prowler said - it just works!
Agree with Metal for not doing a trance version.. Good mix pal.......
So so... Lead's too dominant. Quite repetitive.
At first it's like a Hawaiian children's song, but towards the end it gets deeper and more emotional. Very nice!
Can't stop snapping my fingers to this. Great tune that made me go back and check the orginal...
For me it sounds like it had lack of inspiration
Lovely little tune.
This is kind of cute, don't really know why I like it but it works. (NEW: And after 1 year listening, it's upgraded to outstanding!!!:-)
Love this one. RIP DJ Skitz :(

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