Pirx - Ultima V - Greyson's tale

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Ultima V - Greyson's tale
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Sounds from hardware synthesisers: Kurzweil PC3X
sound of the flute: SampleTank 3

Ultima V - Greyson's tale
Absolutely wonderful!
Very very nice! Sure, the instrumentation may sound artificial and the ending could've been better but it's still very enjoyable. Great stuff!
A nice melody, let down by expressionless instruments and MIDI-tastic sound and an ending that isn't..
The instrumentation perfectly suits the tune.
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This is an orchestral version of the Ultima V track by Kenneth Arnold. I've always enjoyed Ultima soundtracks, many of the tunes are hammered into my brain after so many hours with the game.

That being said, this remix is not up to the standards I'd like to hear.

Firstly, it sounds like it is a direct midi convert of the original. Such remix can be done in minutes, there is no effort put on it.

There is no new creative arrangement and the instruments sound very sampleish and artificial. This can be forgiven as access to decent orchestral instrument sets or real orchestra is often not possible for hobbyists. Some dynamics and making it to appear like it is played for real would make a huge difference.

So, as a plain convert I vote this to be average. It is not bad, as the arranger has not done anything to ruin the original composition, but has not improved on it either. Easy listening only.