Peter W - Great Giana Sisters (Gianas Poem)

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Peter W Adept
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It's a very simple tune but I got hooked on it everytime I got to the highscore list of The Great Giana Sisters game. It was laying around on my hardrive so I thought hey lets release it to the public. So I finished it and uploaded it just for you.
Solid remix if you ask me. I like the accompaning piano at the end a lot.
Good stuff, altghough I desired some more variations!
I wish the same piano at the end would've provided the lead throughout. Still a very good one, it's very enjoyable.
You say it is simple but is it not true the simpilist things work - and I love this soft remix - its awesome - my new fav of the year
Very good stuff. But too short, and I know you could have made much more out of it.
The vocals suck but the rest is ok!
Very pleasant and nice-sounding remix.
I don't like the original SID, but this remix adds a lot to it and makes it an enjoyable little tune.
Nice enough sound in here, lovely and soft enough to sound as it should do - a feel good high score theme. Nice job.
Maybe one of the best remakes of the highscore tune to date? Well done tune, maybe a bit too repetitive?
Good stuff!
Nice one, chill out tune. This type of music can be listen over and over again until you get dizzy of it. It willstay in my collection

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