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NecroPolo - Prolyx-69 (Victorola Stadium Mix)

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This is the virtual 11th track from 2009 album rakBIT that I could not finish the proper way by the time of release. Along with Laser Squad and Parallax, perhaps this was my earliest remix that was started back in early 2009. As far as I can remember, nearly 100 versions existed but all were dead-ends so finally it wasn't included in the album. Sometime later (in March 2010 or so) I sent a version to Chabee for a check and he had great constructive ideas about it so I continued the work on it. However, I had to ice the track for a while due to real life stuff and setting up the SRA project. The final ide was to have both the electro parts of the initial versions and add some live onstage touch to it. The project was continued and finished rather quickly, shortly before AROK#12 party and track was released there. It was placed #2 on the SID remix compo (Hey Vincenzo, c'grats on #1!).

NecroPolo covers one of his own SIDs and is fairly well done... Needs a little spit 'n polish post-production but a solid effort.
Not too bad as a remix of one of his own SIDs. Production is solid enough and there's plenty going on to interest the listener.
Killer solo work with a great mix of hard rock and electronica, this is fantastic! - I'd never heard the SiD before and thats sweet too - a ROTY contender :)
Very nice remix!
The original is one strangely abstract tune, and this remix of it is no less strange. Definitely unique, solid production, although I'm sure its style will be hard to swallow for some. Kudos for the massive effort!
I'm a fan of the original one and this remix simple blow my head. Strong and hard!
The second part is my favorite. Good job ;)

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