Murdock - Gem'X VS Turrican Remix

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Gem'X VS Turrican Remix
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Murdock Specialist
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Hi guys, Long time to see you ! 😊


A 2020 particular year, isn't it ? Last year, my PC crashed violently : needed to change motherboard, CPU and GPU, Outch ! Huge expense and a hole in my bank account😒 I had to go to a computer shop to performs tests, my old GPU crashed half of shop electricity ! the CPU and motherboard were dead.

This year I bought a new keyboard controler, and began a GemX gametune remix. the main problem was this Level 1 tune is very short. I decided to add Turrican tunes to extend duration, finally this remix is quite smooth ...

ROTY 2020

2 Best Amiga Remix

Solid production.
WOW!!! Really amazing!!! Great Remix. Warm, clear and powerful sound.
Superb, punchy sounds. Definitely one of the more professional remixes on Amigaremix!
Great stuff.
Very enjoyable!!
I Love Murdock tunes, especially Hulsbeck remixes
Smooth but still punchy. Really neatly done!:)
Sweet stuff!
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I absolutely love this track, it has an amazing flow and base line that just captivates, and holds you until the very end. As an old school Amiga guy myself, I remember most if not all of the tracks on this site, and this has to be one of my favorites of all time. Id love to hear you remake Quick n Silva main title if you fancy a challenge? Keep the beats flowing 😊 ps: What sound bank/vst did you use, Id love to get hold of those samples 😊