Metal - DNA Warrior (Raggadub Remix)

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What an original effort at trying something different with a C64 mix. The feel of the tune is intact nicely and although some of the synth leads aren't quite in keeping with a reggae style, it still works well. Great job, Torben!
I appreciate idea, I love the SID. But it's more than good. A bit too long, but - very good. :D
Oh boy, for some reason this tune really touches me. I can already hear Skitz putting his cowbells over it ;) This has some hidden emotion but I don't know if it's due to the sid or the remix itself, but man I DIG this! Thank you Torben!:)
Wtf, my vote was removed? Hmm, anyway, this is cool stuff. Thanks, Metal.:)
Omg, forgot to vote this one. Really cool ragga stuff! Reminds me of Dubmood YM chip hop set :-) specially the sleng teng riddim :-)
Torben, you did an outstanding job on this great tune!!! Nice to hear from you again... Long live the vibes of The Vibrants! ;-) p. S. Could someone do a remix of subtune 5 of DNA Warrior... It's so great!
Damn, this is hanging so well. However, the piano feels completely out of place, a reggae-guitar is the only alternative there. And the sounds feel a bit "cut-off". A very reggae-tific version nevertheless.
Too repetitive.
Great song, but the piano doesn't fit that well...
I really like this one, especially the ska like elements towards the end
Interesting choice of style, plus points for that. Sounds kinda weird with this SID, but maybe I'll get used to it. =) It's too long, should've been only half as long as now, because towards the end I feel like it's dragging on. Still, an innovative remix
WoooW!! Excelent job! Grats! I Love it!!!!

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