MAT64 - Super Cycle (Zeloso con Moto Superlativo)

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Really cute with the harp and flute portion. Nicely arranged overall. Love it.
Only the second remix for this classic, but great remix
Thats really wonderfull
Great work! There's so much freedom in this! Fantastic!
I don't get this tune. It's alright, but the instruments sound obviously fake, and the tempo is very shifty.
Nice choice of instruments and very good arragement. This music makes fun! Very good work!
First time I heard this I had to agree with Mordi. But when the song was reaching it's end I realized how fun track this is. Now I feel like I have to listen it again for some weird reason :)
Totally deserving of an orangey smile :D Tight as a ducks arse rrangement wise and sooo much quirkyness its a crazy remix in the best possible way I think the tempo shift here and there is a great feature!
Its cute. :) Thx!
A nice unusual tune, covered skillfully - but I dont think the lead plunk/pluck suits the melody so well, especially with the ascending trill, in my mind a hammond organ type instrument would have suited it better. Still like it tho :)
Well this is... Different. In a positive way. Definitely original and well executed.:)
Sounds a bit artificial, but not bad. Interesting style!
This minimal orchestral tunelet is fresh to the bone. Instead of ethereral sound carpets of a full orchestral band, it operates with the use of single elements / instruments. I really enjoyed it.
Cool but could be better as classical arrangment
Not bad, but as a fan of the original SID I think more could have been done with this.

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