Espen Gätzschmann / TiLT - Odyssey Part 1

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Ok the opening makes me wonder if I'm listening to a remix of Odyssey or a remix of Unreal Tournament (the original. ) sort of lacking for me to comment on beyond that.
Good remix here by Espen. Has this "Amiga-flavour", lacks the clarity of modern mixes. But it works for me as it is a true, faithful cover.
It has a certain "game" quality to it, it works quite well as it goes.. The sound quality is quite low but it doesnt take anything away from this.. Well done
I was thinking of Unreal tournament as well before reading the posts. Nevertheless good use of instruments and I do like the low quality of audio. Gives an historical flavor to it.
Guys! - I think you're starting to get a little -too- critical - this is a very good stab at an orchestral arrangment which believe me can sound like a cheesy embarassement in the wrong hands - well done Espen - now how about the rest of the Odyssey set!!
Very good idea, but this track needs some more work on it. Try to compare ti with Anthony N. Putson version, and make better one, pleasee
I don`t know much about technics but my ears like that one very much. Thx.:-)

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