danceaway - Parallax 05

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danceaway Adept
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Pretty useful mix
Has its moments but that voice over gets really annoying
It's a nice little darnce remix - still that wrong note gets me everytime :(
Doesn't really make it all the way..
Theres nothing here that no one else has already done.. And unfortunately what has been done here isnt as good as what it could have been.. Shame because I love parallax.
Nice, but lacks the spirit of the original....
Good production, but the tune doesn't fit at all.
The mix is average to good, but way too repetitive! Especially the bass aarp had needed much more work. However, I never thought that Microsoft Mary, one day, would prove somewhat usable. Fits quite good, not too penetrant.
Solid 90s style trance tune.
2 Parallax dance mixes in the same month? This one doesn't even stick to the original melody accurately. Totally odd! Ouch!!!
Feels like a rough outline of the original without its feel. The slow attack lead sometimes 'eats' the fast note runs.
Again the notorious wrong notes kill this one.
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The remix itself is good but there should be a more intense lead instrument and bass. The original had buckets of bass and deep-down oomph. Parallax is my favourite C64 tune, so I might be being more picky than I should be!