Review of Unfortunate Brain Chemistry.

Artist: Seth Sternberger.


The first thing that instantly strikes you about this CD is the considerable amount of attention that has been applied to the use of stereo. This is often overlooked on many CD releases, in this case however Seth has worked exceptionally hard to use it’s full effect.
The music contained on the CD sits somewhere in-between progressive Electonica and Trance, which seems to work very well. Suited more towards the underground than the commercial scene Unfortunate Brain Chemistry would easily fit into the underground club scene without a problem.
Seth Sternberger aka 8Bit Weapon

Seth often uses some very clever effects within the CD to highlight the performance greatly, however sometimes overuse of these can tend to detract from what’s on offer especially the use of sampled vocals.

Each track tends to be slightly repetitive, and rarely deviates from the pattern of what’s on offer. Though there is good variance between each track themselves to maintain a certain amount of interest. With a little more imagination this CD would have been superb, but as it stands it just lacks that certain something to achieve any great impact towards the listener. It’s knocking on the door but doesn’t quite get through. The door is certainly ajar for seth and his next CD could prove to be the breakthrough that this CD just missed out on.

8Bit Weapon

This CD won’t instantly grab you by the collar, but after a few listens you will begin to appreciate the nature of the CD, and become strangely hypnotised by it. There main problem with the CD seems to be a lack of any true direction but also doesn't lack any deviance, it sits somewhere in the middle, but all things considering it a very good debut album which has much to offer if you follow the underground scene. If you don’t then you should stay away; this will not be for you. However if you like this style of music then Unfortunate Brain Chemistry will be right up your street.

11 tracks are contained on the CD and just 40 mins of music are disappointing, but it reasonably priced and has good value for money non the less, and overall if your into this type of music then it’s a good buy, just don’t expect the world from it.

Rating: 7/10