Independant CD Review: Remix64

Artists: Various
Published By: C64
Retail Price: £9.99 + P&P

Review By: Andrew Fisher/Merman (Freelance Commodore Writer)
Remix64 - The CD

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Here is another in High Technology Publishing’s excellent range of remix CD’s, and this one has taken some unusual choices in track line up. Familiar tracks from Rob Hubbard and Martin Galway are joined by some less well known tracks.

1) Glider Rider by David Whittaker

Track 1 kicks off in style, with this Pet Shop Boys rendition of the David Whittaker classic. It sounds very 80’s, with an excellent guitar solo towards the end.

2) Ark Pandora by Ben Daglish

Listening to this rendition of a W.E. Music track, it reminded me of a theme tune from a TV holiday programme. All of the original is there, and the arrangement is very good.

3) Green Beret loading theme by Martin Galway

This tune has a slow, mystical Jarre feel to it. There are a lot of Jarre touches, including a choir of voices.

4) The Human Race tune 4 by Rob Hubbard

This sounds like a 90’s dance tune, with a great beat to it. The lead voice is particularly good.

5) Ocean Loader v1 by Martin Galway

You heard it many times when you were loading from tape, and here it is again. There are more touches of Jarre here throughout, sounding like Rendezvous and later on in the tune Chronologie.

6) Red Max by David Whittaker

There is a great voice saying Red Max that keeps popping up throughout this tune, and the whole thing sounds like it was written by Paul Hardcastle - with those distinctive synth sounds to take you back to the 80’s.

7) Deliverance by Matt Gray

This tune builds well, and the ending is nice, but it is not one of Matt Gray’s most memorable tunes.

8) Platoon title by Jonathan Dunn

Although the lead voice is a little too quiet as the melody builds, this is an excellent cover of a great tune.

9) Panther by David Whittaker

Probably DW’s finest moment on the 64, this cover starts off with some great wind noise that leads into the familiar tune. This arrangement sounds very similar to the original, and ends with more wind noise.

10) Defender of the Crown Rebecca by Jim Cuomo

An unusual choice, and an epic feel to this tune that plays as the infamous seduction scene is going on. The percussion is a bit too heavy in places, but the romantic theme shines through.

11) Ocean Loader v4 by Jonathan Dunn

Another tune you heard a lot of times, and a very good (if a little straightforward) cover.

12) Hollywood Poker Pro by Chris Huelsbeck

This is a less familiar track to me, but the cover is done in a house style with some good sounds throughout.

13) Storm by David Whittaker

This one has been turned from the simple soundtrack of a budget game into a dance tune by Sash! The only trouble with this arrangement is that the sounds are very similar to Glider Rider.

14) Starball by Chris Huelsbeck

Another Huelsbeck cover that keeps the strong rhythm of the original and adds some excellent New Order style percussion and bass.

15) Hyper Aggressive by Thomas Detert

The lovely piano sound starts this cover off nicely, and the whole tune has a lot of Vangelis style to it; it reminds me of the film soundtrack to The Mission.

16) Thrust by Rob Hubbard

Some crunchy, heavy percussion suits this tune, although purists will notice the descending slides are missing.

17) Nemesis the Warlock

More voices, including some lyrics, add a lot of depth to this track, with some great industrial sounds. It’s an excellent way to finish off the CD.

Overall, this is an excellent CD, with the tunes covered in a variety of styles. There are some brave and unusual choices of what tracks to cover, and the arrangements are very good. We need more from REMIX64 - and soon!

Overall 8/10

Remix64 Silver Seal Of Approval

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I feel Remix64 has managed to capture the very essence of emotion. The Cd somehow manages to create the types of feelings rarely found in modern C.Ds. Hyper Agressive in particular creates such emotion in not just one direction but in more ways than I could ever describe. Never before have I felt so many emotions in one piece of music.
But not only that, Remix64 manages to be diverse, ever constantly changing styles and directions creating an ever changing world of variety and interest. Remix64 states its aim was to create it's music in the 80's and has successfully captured the 80's feel in both style and sound, proving the legacy of the SID and the 80's remain solely embedded in the and not just the past.

Reviewed by: CC