Nexus 6581 - CD Review

Reyn Ouwehand
Published By: High Technology Publishing
Price: £4.99

Reyn Owuehand composed many great c64 Anthems; Last Ninja 3, Flimbo's Quest spring to mind. Who better than the original composer to bring these and many other tunes to life. So here we are Reyn's first C64 remix album Nexus.
Reyn Ouwehand's Nexus 6581


Track 1 - Last Ninja 3 Intro - Composed and arranged by Reyn Ouwehand.

A great start to the CD with Reyn remixing his own original tune. Hard hitting and powerful with a unique drum combinations. Highly charged and immensely powerful with atmosphere in abundance.
Slick and professional with perfect equalisation. Reyn has added to what was a great tune and brings forward the tune with creditable success.

Track Rating: 10

Track 2 - Shape (J. Bjerregaard)

A jolly and bouncing tune. A mix of main lead with Sax and synth overlapping a base guitar and bouncy background. This track kind of mixes Jazz with pop, which works well. The excellent sax really makes this tune stand out. Again this is slick and professional.

Track Rating: 9

Track 3 - DMC IV Part 2 - J. Bjerregaard

Full of eastern promise and charm. This mix brings something different to what was already a great tune. The lead instrument reminds me of the instrument used when snake charming. However this tune isn't slow. No No it's fast and quite frantic, Packed full of intrigue and tension. Behind the charm of the lead lies an excellent guitar backing. A great adaptation of DMC IV part 2 that changes the style of the CD and delivers remarkably well.

Track Rating: 9

Track 4 - Enlightenment (Druid II) - D. Hanlon.

A slow and magical tune that doesn't vary too much in style from the original sid.. Re-creating a feeling of well being. A mix of synth and softly played guitar. Reyn has successfully re-created the tune adding more feeling to this enlightening tune. However it tends to go on for a bit and doesn't offer too much variety, which quickly loses the interest of the listener. All said and done a well worked cover just a little on the dull side.

Track Rating: 7

Track 5 - Flimbo's Quest - Composed and Arranged by Reyn Ouwehand

This is the tune that brought Reyn's Music to the interest of the public. Already famous on the demo scene Flimbo suddenly brought Reyn a wider audience with this exceptionally jolly tune. Reyn has brought this tune forward with a great twist. Who would have thought a Banjo would ever feature in a c64 remix? Well Reyn has done that! Not only that, but Reyn brings with it a saloon style piano. This gives the tune a strong western feel, changing the picture completely. Still jolly and still bouncy Flimbo now has a welcome twist, and a twist that works exceptionally well. Great Work from Reyn here.

Track Rating: 10

Track 6: Dutch Breeze (Flip the Flop) - Composed and arranged by R. Ouwehand

Slightly danced up, fast-paced and typically demo sounding. A great sliding lead and baseline with the typical dance styled fx. This mixes possibly dance and demo with success. However it seems to lose it's way occasionally. In the meaning that the tune sounds unsure which direction it want's to follow. The remix is more synthy than most on this CD and still impresses.

Rating: 8

Track 7 - Deflektor - Ben Daglish

Rough guitar baselines and piano main lead with synth and guitar backing. Features a great Guitar solo and an unusual synthed almost vocal sound. There's definitely a rock feel to this, which is exactly what was needed. The vision of this tune has been mastered superbly with great variety. The original tune was a masterpiece and Reyn hasn't faltered on this remix either. An excellent tribute to a classic sid.

Rating: 10

Track 8 - Special Agent - J. Bjerregaard

Special Agent has never been so good with base and lead guitar backing with a mix of sax and synth overlapping the great backing. Again a mix of pop and Jazz which compliments each other exceptionally well. A highly addictive tune which impresses from start to finish.

Rating: 9

Track 9 - Blue Meanies Part 1 - S. Barrett

A tranquil piece that uses piano has a mean lead and soft guitar backing. However this cover lasts just over one and a half minuets and is highly repetitive. Saying this the tune is just so pleasant that it's not too much of an issue. This track could and should have been lengthened with some of Reyn's own creativeness. But alas it hasn't. And what we end up with is nice and pleasant but too short.

Rating: 7

Track 10 - Asian Legends - Various.

A collection of mixed oriental classics: Last Ninja 1 2 3 and remix, Legend of Kage, Yie ar Kung fu 1 and 2, IK, and Way of the Exploding fist 1 and 2. Talk about variety you have everything you ever want from an Oriental mix. Charm, Power, emotion, feeling, hard and soft sections. With this comes a multitude of instruments. The mix often changes styles throughout and the individual tunes have been linked astonishingly well. These tunes have been linked so well at times it's difficult to tell when one part has finished and the next part has started. One of the best mixes you'll hear and certainly the best medley around. The whole thing is stunning!!!, More of this will do nicely thankyou. Pity this tune wasn't placed at the end of the CD.. It would have made a fantastic finale.

Rating: 10

Track 11 - Aztec Challenge - P. Norman

While this tune is featured on BIT 2.. There is enough difference from that version to warrant it's place. Hard Rock here. Possibly a little overcrowded towards the end. It's good… but not great!!. This tune starts well but finishes rather noisily and ends awfully with the most unpleasant end of transmission noise. If you are wearing earphones…. TAKE THEM OFF!!!! - Be warned.

Rating: 6

The Nexus CD is certainly worth it's weight in gold. Delivering something a little different from the Bit Albums. The additions of REAL instruments do make a difference. However the main concern with this CD will be the diversity of the tunes Reyn has remixed. However if take this on the presumption that the CD doesn't deliver then you'll be mightily wrong. Though some tracks covered will not be instantly recognisable to many this certainly doesn't mean that they are not great tunes in their own right. If you fall into this trap then you'll miss what is essentially a great tribute to the sid. A rousing performance from Reyn and a CD that everyone will enjoy regardless of whether you are a fan of sid or not.

CD RATING: 8.5 / 10

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