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Remix64 20th Anniversary Remix Compo


Remix64.com will turn 20 years old on April 17th, 2021, and we thought what better way to celebrate this momentous occasion than by inviting the collective talent of the C64 and Amiga remix community to participate in an online competition!


We have received a staggering 49 entries from a total of 36 remixers! (Yes, many remixers have sent in multiple entries!) The total playing time of all entries is a mind-blowing 3 hours!




  • You have to be a registered member of Remix64.com to be able to vote.
  • Voting will close on April 15, Thursday, 23:59 CEST.
  • Listen to each remix and vote on them with a smilie - simple, right?
  • Your rating of each entry should be relative to the other entries in the compo.
    • Even if you think all entries are of high quality and you rate them only with an orange or red smilie, that won't really give us a good indication as to where each entry stands in the compo.

    • In other words, don't be afraid to vote with a green smilie. It can still be a great tune, it's just your way of telling us that you think it's not as good when compared to all the other entries in this compo.

  • We will not make your personal votes public. (But we reserve the right to publish anonymized votes for statistical or other publication purposes.)
  • Note that this voting system is completely separate from the standard Remix64 votes on RKO and AmigaRemix uploads!
    • Should these compo entries later get uploaded to RKO or AmigaRemix, the votes they got on this compo will not count towards anything.

  • You can come back and change your votes at any time until the voting deadline.
  • You have to provide a vote on each and every entry - you can't submit a ballot until you have voted on each entry.
  • Don't forget to click Submit when you're done entering your votes! Your votes will NOT count unless you click Submit!
  • Remixers - you can vote on the entries, too!
    • But do note that your vote on your own remix will be removed before the final tally.

  • Due to the unexpectedly large number of entries, the ballot page may take a few seconds to fully load - please, be patient.
  • Since it would take 3 hours (!) to listen through all the entries just once, we recommend the voters to take frequent breaks when listening to the entries. It's easy for your ears to get fatigued, so give them a rest from time to time!

SURPRISE! Guess the Remixer - Compo for the Voters!


Since all the entries are anonymized, we thought it would be fun to let voters guess the remixer of each entry. This is a completely optional, but rather fun compo within the compo (we think). Send your thanks to Kjetil of FastLoaders for this idea.

  • Participating in this side-compo is completely optional.
  • To participate, simply enter the handle of the remixer you think created a particular entry in the provided text box.
  • You can guess the remixer for any or all entries - you don't have to fill out all boxes.
  • HINT #1: Keep in mind that some remixers submitted more than one entry!
  • HINT #2: To make this mini-compo a little easier, we also provided a cheat sheet for you. It contains a list of names: every remixer who submitted an entry to the compo is guaranteed to be on this list - but so are several others who did not. So, happy guessing! 😉

Whoever has the most correct guesses will attain the eternal reverence of the entire remix community!




DONATION for Trophies

(Completely Optional)

We are planning to send physical trophies to those who win in their categories. If you would like to donate towards the cost of those trophies, please, use the button below. Any amount, even small ones, would be highly appreciated.

NOTE: We are utilizing SLAY Radio's donation fund for the purpose, so if you decide to donate, please add the following comment to your donation: For the Remix64 Compo.

Thank you!



CREDITS - Coding: LMan - Music: By a bunch of AWESOME remixers! - Grafx: Slaygon and Ziona - Concept and organization: LaLa - Broadcasts: SLAY Radio - Consultants: Ziphoid, Tas, SLAY Radio, Kjetil of FastLoaders - GREETZ go to the staff of Remix64.com, to all the remixers, to all the voters, to the entire remix scene, the SID scene, HVSC, the Amiga music scene, remix.kwed.org, AmigaRemix.com, SceneSat.com, C64Audio.com, and last but not least to SLAY.Radio for their support throughout the years! ♥ You all rock! ♥ … Keep da scene alive! …

Questions, problems? Click the button below to contact the compo organizers.