Nexus 6581

by Reyn Ouwehand
Reyn Ouwehand's Nexus 6581 Label
Prevue Productions
Total playing time
48 min
Overall album score
 86% - Outstanding

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The first album to really demonstrate how C64 tunes could sound played live, and the first to feature demo music. Reyn Ouwehand is an ex-member of the famed Maniacs of Noise, a C64 composer himself and a successful record producer. His considerable musical skill is showcased here. It was also demonstrated live in 2003 for Stuck in D'80s, his CD arrangements forming the bedrock of their repertoire. Highlights of this CD include the awe-inspiring C64-Oriental-tune medley Asian Legends, and his definitive rock cover of Ben Daglish's crowd-pleaser Deflektor. ** Now includes Nexus 6581-II tracks for download ** ** Now includes FLAC Album download provided by C64Audio Friend Daniel Martinsson **

Track list

Track   Title Act Length Rating
1-01 Last Ninja 3 Reyn Ouwehand 5:05 91% 
1-02 Shape Reyn Ouwehand 3:28 79% 
1-03 DMC IV Part 2 Reyn Ouwehand 3:26 85% 
1-04 Enlightenment: Druid II Reyn Ouwehand 3:56 86% 
1-05 Flimbo's Quest Reyn Ouwehand 3:23 95% 
1-06 Dutch Breeze: Flip the Flop Reyn Ouwehand 5:12 79% 
1-07 Deflektor Reyn Ouwehand 4:38 98% 
1-08 Special Agent Reyn Ouwehand 3:25 82% 
1-09 Blue Meanies Part 1 Reyn Ouwehand 1:46 77% 
1-10 Asian Legends Reyn Ouwehand 8:59 98% 
1-11 Aztec Challenge Reyn Ouwehand 3:53 77%