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by Chris Abbott and Alistair Bowness (Boz)
Karma64 Label
Total playing time
63 min
Overall album score
 77% - Very Good

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This CD is really four albums in one. First, it presents dance versions of popular C64 tunes which were first put together to be played at the very first Back in Time live event. Second, it presents what we regard as the ultimate versions of tunes which first featured on Back in Time 1, such as Crazy Comets, or Monty on the Run. Third, it brings a new and experimental vibe to some popular pieces like Wizball and Mutants. And lastly, it is a testing ground for some of the ear-candy New Age ideas that later found their way into Crystal Dreamscapes.

Track list

Track   Title Act Length Rating
1-01 Ocean Loader v2 o2 3:43 87% 
1-02 Miami Vice Slow Poison 3:52 75% 
1-03 Delta Victory Slow Poison 2:12 75% 
1-04 Wizball Slow Poison 3:50 75% 
1-05 Ocean Loader v4 Boz 3:49 85% 
1-06 Mutants Slow Poison 4:02 64% 
1-07 Arkanoid Slow Poison 4:01 76% 
1-08 Chimera Slow Poison 3:46 75% 
1-09 Way of the Exploding Fist Slow Poison 3:24 81% 
1-10 Return of the Mutant Camels 2 Slow Poison 4:22 89% 
1-11 Gerry the Germ Slow Poison 3:41 64% 
1-12 BMX Kidz High Score Slow Poison 2:12 75% 
1-13 Sanxion Slow Poison 3:45 76% 
1-14 Flimbo's Quest Slow Poison 3:29 81% 
1-15 Crazy Comets Slow Poison 5:28 75% 
1-16 Monty on the Run Slow Poison 6:30 79%