Back In Time 6 - Throne of SIDs

by Various Artists
Back In Time 6 - Throne of SIDs
© (C) 2020 C64Audio Label
Total playing time
73 min

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Performed and programmed by: Chris Abbott
Producers: Chris Abbott and Kenneth Slaygon Mutka
Assistant Producers: Damian Manning, Russell F. Howard and Anna Black
Executive Producers: Steven Innell, Tero Kilkanen, Roland Fejes
Front cover by Ancellom, back cover by Trevor Storey

Track credits:
01. Defender of the Crown (Cuomo) arr. Abbott, orch. Pickering
02. Grouting (Marsh) arr. Abbott, orch. Pickering
03. Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts (Follin/) arr. Pickering/Abbott, orch. Pickering
04. Forbidden Forest (Norman) arr. Abbott/Connelly, orch. Pickering/Tait
05. Kentilla (Hubbard) arr. Hubbard, orch. Hubbard/Pickering/Tait
06. Black Lamp (Follin) arr. Abbott/Pickering, orch. Pickering
07. Sidherazade (Hubbard) arr. Abbott, orch. Abbott
08. Knight Tyme (Hubbard) arr. Hubbard, orch. Hubbard
09. Master of Magic (Hubbard/Fast) arr. Hubbard, orch. Hubbard
10. Wizardry (Jarvis) arr. Abbott/Pickering, orch. Pickering
11. Spellbound (Hubbard) arr. Hubbard, orch. Hubbard
12. Nemesis the Warlock (Hubbard) arr. Hubbard, orch. Hubbard
13. Zoids (Hubbard/Fast) arr. Hubbard, orch. Hubbard

All tracks copyright High Technology Publishing Ltd. except Defender of the Crown (Cinemaware), Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts (Capcom) and Wizardry (Graham Jarvis).

Kentilla is dedicated to Paul Cook

Thanks to all Kickstarter backers for their patience, and Rob Hubbard, Robin Tait, Alisdair J. Pickering and the Hull Philharmonic - vital, all!

Track list

Track   Title Act Length Rating
1-01 Defender of the Crown Chris Abbott 9:10 0% 
1-02 Grouting Chris Abbott 1:46 0% 
1-03 Ghouls 'n' Ghosts Chris Abbott 2:32 81% 
1-04 Forbidden Forest Chris Abbott 5:19 75% 
1-05 Kentilla Chris Abbott 7:03 0% 
1-06 Black Lamp Chris Abbott 2:32 0% 
1-07 Sidherezade (Spellbound, Dragon's Lair II, Zoids) Chris Abbott 12:34 0% 
1-08 Knight Tyme Chris Abbott 4:53 0% 
1-09 Master of Magic Chris Abbott 5:20 0% 
1-10 Wizardry Chris Abbott 4:28 0% 
1-11 Spellbound Chris Abbott 6:09 0% 
1-12 Nemesis the Warlock Chris Abbott 5:36 85% 
1-13 Zoids Chris Abbott 5:27 0%