moog (Sebastian Bachliñski) - Nutriment

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This is more like it! Smooth Moog-sound :-)
Funk YOU!!! This is awesome, man!
Fat bass, funky lead, groovy rhythm. This is lots of fun to listen to!
I like it.:)
Sounds a lot like wizball in a way but then I always tht it did - BUT AWESOME Moog - awesome
Love the playful instruments, but I'd like to hear some more punch in the drums. Good remix of the SID.
Simply FANTASTIC! You're BACK finally, pal! :-D Keep it up! We Want MORE! :-D
Absolutely fantastic. So laid back and funky, nice uplifting tune well constructed with some fantastic sounds.
Why does everybody loves every song of moog? Sounds like made in 5minutes! Very poor, moog I know much better songs from you!
This wasn't made in 5 minutes, you can tell if you just look how detailed it is and how friggin correct the lead is! Thank you moog, enjoying this one every morning to get me into working mood. Can't wait for your drudgery though... =) cheerz!
This one reminds me of Bill Withers' "Lovely Day" rather than Wizball! Either way, it's one hell of a great remix! A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! Added to my collection.
Wonderful control of the lead sound! Thanks!
I love all of moog's work but if I had to pick one, this would defenitely be it. Absolutely MARVELOUS!
And there goes another very good remix with its own soul
Why would anyone rate this "Bad"? That's just trolling. This is fantastic!
One of my fav driving tunes, excellent!
Nailed it.
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Excellent driving tune, especially suitable for grey dreary mornings. When you wake up subdued with many tall orders ahead then do yourself a favour and put it on, this thing is so uplifting it can work miracles 😊.