Metal - Beatbassie (Sofa Remix)

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Thanks for the overall positive response given to this remix. I chose to remix this old classic track by JCH because it reminded me of the early days of my scene-activity and was one of the tracks that I recorded to tape and played constantly. The track was mostly used in intros - especially in Jewels intros if I recall correctly. The track has such a great groove, and I hope that I did the track justice by bringing in a bit of hiphop-jazzy feel to it…

This is funky and chill. I like it very much.
A bit simple and repitative. But a smooth and relaxing piece.
I had the pleasure to listen to this track weeks ago and I fucking like it, very grooving, really good work, metal... Thumbs up!
Vibrants doing each other.. Yeahhh! I think you did a great groovy job on JCH's tune here Torben!! Love it!! -HeAtWaVe-
It has it good moments and bad, to repetitive in some places for too long, some sound are hurting the ears, but the idea is outstanding
Seriously laid back music
Nice Remix, good for background music
Good stuff! Somewhat slow and once you've heard the first couple minutes you've already heard the last, but it works as great BGM and would probably fit nicely in some games.
I love the distortion. Very cool tune.
Yes! Some FRESH new SID never really remixed before (in a decent way! ) Thanks a LOT for this and NOT taking the 10001 version of giana again! ;-) There're LOTS more of those SID-gems around in the HVSC. So PLEASE go and find even more soon.:-)
Reminded me to G-Funk style, yeah I love that bassline!
I like this one. Sounds good to me! Especially the funky bass from 2:10 onward. Added to my collection.

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