Anthony Walters - The Last Ninja - Wastelands (Extended SID Remix)

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The Last Ninja - Wastelands (Extended SID Remix)
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I often ask myself the question: How would a well known SID tune sound, if the composer had more SID voices available back in the past? In some famous tunes you hear clearly some instruments are implied, but missing and if you recall the track later in your thoughts, your brain sometimes fills the gab of the missing instruments. At least, that is what happens to me if I recall a famous SID tune I personally like in my thoughts. So my remix is more a version of how I remember the SID tune. Maybe you like this too..


Last Ninja was my second remix with additional SID Instruments and it was created back in 2018. I added two additional basslines along with classic SID drumsets, pads and FX sounds. This track is mixed in true stereo, the process of recording, splitting and rearranging the audiotracks by Instrument type is time consuming, but relaxing 😊


Thank you all for your votes and shouts but you don't have to vote for the track, if you like this version, just download and enjoy it.

After talking to Anthony the concept behind this was much clearer. After re-listening a couple of times I felt the need to change from yellow to orange! Thanks for clarifying the concept behind this.
One ace game SiD =)
This is basically SID + reverb. Barely above SID + drums.
I was really digging this except for 8-bit'ing the Snare. Of everything in the mix the snare is the worst to go retro on, it's an easy to miss but auido complex instrument. 8-bit the arps, even the occasional lead but the Snare breaks it imho.
Very interesting concept, asking the question: what if Ben Daglish had access to more than 3 SID voices? Although I think if that was the case he wouldn't have used arpeggios, but proper chords instead... Still, very intriguing!

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