Agemixer - JAQ (LMMS+SID remix)

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JAQ (LMMS+SID remix)
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Agemixer Remixer
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My first release in RKO…


This remix was released in music video Matka by Tähtimedia, released at Zooparty 2022 Wild Competition. Check it out here:


The idea became when someone suggested that i could have a music video for some SID production of mine. So i thought enhancing JAQ, using a free LMMS DAW. Tähtimedia started making the video for it… and this came out!


With this music video, I participated in Zooparty, which was held 28.-30.10.2022 at Orivesi, Finland and streamed worldwide at Twitch.


I also decided to release the JAQ tune here, RKO and Remix64 for your SID pleasure!


Some detailed info / instruments used (LMMS 1.2.2):

  • Original SID sample of JAQ (breathing in the background to give some colour, pitch adjusted to 122 BPM correction)
  • Original SID samples of JAQ: drum fills
  • Some drum samples replacement on top.
  • SID instrument (for all 2-oct bass sounds, tinkles and plicks, mid snare + all the rest of sounds)
  • Spacestrings (a stock sample in a loop, for background breathe synth and a keyed synth)
  • Supersaw 6 (ZynAddSubFX stock instr., replacing the original arpeggio)
  • SID instrument for sync/ringmod arp-melody (replacing the original, with some modulation automation)
  • SID instrument for vocals (using vocal filter + reverb with automation)
  • Also, many sounds have echo+reverb+EQ adjusted. No other FX.
  • No extra VST's used. Just a stock LMMS.

Also thanks to my groupmate Jammic / Skalaria for mastering to make it some careful final touch!


The Image is a capture of the video Matka.




A perfect remix of your own sid!! Now that's something. Both the SID and this remix alike; They are amazing.
Awesome 😎👍
So much power, so much energy!
Awesome work! Outo loppu! (yes, did watch the video too!)

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