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Major Milestones in HVSC History

Date Event Comment
1990 Aug 21 100 Most Remembered C64 Game Tunes (Amiga demo) First known SID emulation on another platform
1994 Sidplay for DOS First known SID emulation on the PC platform
1994 Dec 29 NemeSIDs First known attempt to bring organization to a personal SID collection
1996 July 12 HVSC 1.0 Published with 4079 SID files
1997 Jan 11 HVSC Update #2 Linux support is added
1997 Apr 27 HVSC Update #4 5000+ SID files
1997 Jun 14 HVSC Update #5 SID Tune Information List (STIL) is first published
1997 Sep 9 HVSC Update #6 The collection switches from MS-DOS 8.3 to long filenames
1997 Nov 5 HVSC Update #7 The collection switches from .DAT extension to .SID
1998 May 17 HVSC Update #11 The Shark resigns as admin, and Waz becomes administrator
1998 Aug The Big SID Hunt begins
1999 Feb 28 HVSC Update #15 10,000+ SID files
1999 May 15 HVSC Update #16 VARIOUS folder is reorganized into subdirs (A-F, G-L, M-R, S-Z)
2000 Top 100 SIDs list is published Based on a public voting
2001 Apr 4 HVSC Update #25
15,000+ SID files
2002 Aug 17 HVSC Update #32 Fully C64 compatible PSIDv2NG file format is introduced
2002 Dec 21 HVSC Update #34 RSID (RealSID) file format is introduced;
Warren resigns as admin and Jan Diabelez Arnt Harries takes over;
20,000+ SID files
2003 Dec 19 HVSC Update #37 Jan resigns as admin, Stephan Schmid and Peter Sandén take over
2004 Feb 21 HVSC Update #38 25,000+ SID files
2005 Jan 28 HVSC Update #41 Starting with this update HVSC bundles a C64 intro with the update (the practice ended with Update #44)
2005 Jun 9 HVSC Update #42 HVSC drops the semantic versioning - the collection becomes just HVSC Version 42 with this update;
30,000+ SID files
2006 Apr 17 HVSC Update #45 Jan joins up with Stephan and Peter as a third admin
2007 Jan 21 HVSC Update #46 The collection removes the VARIOUS directory and introduces the new MUSICIANS directory;
10 Years HVSC C64 demo
2008 Mar 9 HVSC Update #48 35,000+ SID files
2009 May 1 HVSC Update #50 Stephan and Peter step down as admins, Jan is joined by iAN CooG as new admin
2010 Jun 25 HVSC Update #53 Jan resigns as admin and iAN CooG becomes the sole admin
2011 Jun 25 HVSC Update #55 40,000+ SID files
2016 July 12 HVSC Update #65 20 Years HVSC C64 demo
2017 Dec 23 HVSC Update #68 50,000+ SID files
2021 Jul 12 HVSC Update #75 25th anniversary update

HVSC's Growth Over the Years

Below is a simple graph that shows how the number of SID files in HVSC has grown over the years. Each dot represents an HVSC release. It's interesting to note on this graph how frequently the updates were coming up until about 2004, and how closely the twice-a-year update schedule has been followed since 2010.

What this graph also shows is that the number of new SID tunes still being steadily produced by the scene nearly 30 years after the Commodore 64 ceased production is absolutely remarkable!

Number Of SID Files In HVSC