Remix64 Volume 1: 80s Remixes for the 8-BIT Generation

Why 80's? You may well ask!

Remix64 aims to bring you the sound and emotion of the era in which these classic SID tunes were made. Imagine Glider Rider played on the instruments of the time, or Red Max sounding like vintage Paul Hardcastle. What if Vangelis added his magical touch to Green Beret? Or Depeche Mode performing Nemesis The Warlock in ther own unique stlye? These and more are right here on Remix64.

We scoured the world to find the best SID cover musicians to create that 80s sound. In addition to bringing you old favourites like Chris Abbott, Boz and Marcel Donne, we showcase some of the hottest new C64 remixing talent, such as LMan, Glyn R. Brown and Kent Valden. We've even recruited Thomas Detert: an ex-C64 composer himself.

The music you find on this CD has something for everyone. Ballads, Disco, Dance, Slow, Fast: we give you something to suit all tastes.

Every week you'll be able to download 3 clips ranging from 30 to 40 seconds. The full tracks can be found on Remix64 - The CD which you can now purchase at a price of £10.99


Remix64 Volume 1: 80s Remixes for the 8-bit Generation
Cover art by LMan
01   Glider Rider Tribute to Trevor Horn
David Whittaker Arranged by Markus Holler
02   Ark Pandora Tribute to Mike Oldfield
Ben Daglish Arranged by Mike Gommans
03   Green Beret Tribute to Vangelis
Martin Galway Arranged by Thomas Detert
04   Human Race Subtune 4 Tribute to Stock, Aitken & Waterman
Rob Hubbard Arranged by Second Face vs. LMan
05   Ocean Loader I Tribute to Jarre/Magnetic Fields
Martin Galway Arranged by Marcel Donné
06   Red Max Tribute to Paul Hardcastle
David Whittaker Arranged by Fabian Del Priore
07   Deliverance Tribute to Vince Clark
Matt Gray Arranged by Glyn R. Brown
08   Platoon Tribute to The Killing Fields
Jonathan Dunn Arranged by Trace
09   Panther Tribute to Giorgio Moroder
David Whittaker Arranged by DHS of The SoundWavers
10   Defender Of The Crown (Rebecca) Tribute to The Power Of Love
Jim Cuomo Arranged by LMan
11   Ocean Loader IV Tribute to Giorgio Moroder/Kraftwerk
Jonathan Dunn Arranged by Marcel Donné
12   Hollywood Poker Pro Tribute to Nile Rogers
Chris Hülsbeck Arranged by Fabian Del Priore
13   Storm Tribute to the Pet Shop Boys
David Whittaker Arranged by Glyn R. Brown
14   Starball Tribute to Chris Hülsbeck
Chris Hülsbeck Arranged by N-joy of The SoundWavers
15   Hyper Agressive Tribute to Art Of Noise
Thomas Detert Arranged by Thomas Detert
16   Thrust Tribute to Human League
Rob Hubbard Arranged by Slow Poison
17   Nemesis The Warlock Tribute to Depeche Mode
Rob Hubbard Arranged by LMan & Wobbler
Mucho Respekto and thanks to Jan Lund Thomsen for his downloading routine!