Back In Time III - Preview

Chris Abbott's eagerly awaited Back In Time 3 is just a breath away from release. The CD is to be released at the BitLive event in Birmingham on the 16th May
2001. Well to just keep you on your toes a little bit longer Chris has sent Remix64 a beta copy for previewing.
Back In Time 3 Live Poster

Jogier Liljedahl's Agent X2 by Tim Follin is a combination of synth and Jan-Henrik Bang's fantastic guitar playing. Remaining pretty faithful to the original. This
modern yet largely unchanged cover is set to be the definitive remix of this tune.

Steve Scherer and Rob Hubbard jointly arranged and performed this quite different version of War. Different yes, Good! Oh definitely. An amazing early Orchestral
piece that would fit quite snugly into the realms of past 18th century composers. This take by the original composer (Rob Hubbard) - is set to raise a few
eyebrows with its complexity and emotion.

While we are on the subject of emotion we have O2's Zoids. This dreamy and highly atmospheric tune will be unrivalled in terms of emotion, and well being.

One of the many catchy tunes of the era was Fred Gray's sensational Shadowfire. This early cover of Shadowfire is set to capture the feel of the original, while
entering the modern day.

An early yet powerful rock version of Martin Walker's Armalyte is really going to be something very special. Arranged and Performed by Fabian Del Priore and Chris
Abbott with guitar and drums from Puffy64. This will really knock down the house.

Rob Hubbard's Phantoms Of The Asteroid was considered by many to be one of his best tunes. Chris has indeed re-created this magnificent tune to the fullest
without losing any of the original charm. I can assure you when you finally get to hear this remix it'll imprint it's self in your mind once again.

From slow to fast and back slow…. Martin Galway's highly Atmospheric Parallax in-game theme has been emotionally recreated by Chris Abbott and Boz. A spacey
whistling lead and pulsating background is so dreamy you'll indeed get the impression of strolling in space. This is set to be one heck of a cover. The paring of
Abbott and Boz seems to work wonders - long may it last.

You are set to get the biggest thrill of your life when you hear what Chris Abbott and Boz have done to Zoids. From a marching powerful start to an emotional
mid section, and back again. This tune is named Desert Battle. While listening to this, you mark my words it's exactly like the title suggests. Set to be one, if
not the best covers you'll ever hear! Truly magnificent.

Well that's until you hear the amazing cover of Flash Gordon performed by the same pairing once again, with additional arrangement from Marcel Donne. This is a
very Film esque piece that is crammed with tension and atmosphere. Probably the most complex piece on the CD, and the most awe-inspiring piece you'll ever

Then you'll hear One Man And His Droid from Rob Hubbard, covered by Chris Abbott and Marcel Donne. Has more than a resemblance to Jarre with it's complex
background and industrial sound fx. I couldn't have ever imagined Omad would sound this good.

Rob Hubbard's The Last V8, hasn't ever been covered that well before. So you'll be delighted, as I was to hear a great sounding cover. Difficult to say much
about this cover without giving too much of the plot away. But what I will say is one word…AWESOME!

The Delta-in-game tune comes from Chris Abbott. This cover is dark, and full of tension. It's quite remarkable how Chris has managed to get so many emotions
into one soundtrack. This ambient epic will indeed make your Jaw Drop.

Talking of epics Chris's collaboration with Ben Daglish on the Trap theme is worth waiting for. A militaristic approach has been given to this, which gives it that
extra something. The tune could quite easily feature in a film, or even a film could feature in the tune. Over nine minutes of pure atmosphere, which is
sensational from start to end.

Iridium's Take on the Wizball high-score tune is simply so original, and addictive it's unreal. A real feel good soundtrack with Vocals, and speech from the man
himself, Martin Galway! - A sort of mix between the Caribbean, space, and a bar. Told you it was original, and get this it works. A real dance groove that'll bring
you Fun, Fun, Fun.

Lastly comes another version of zoids. If I say Mike Oldfield then you have exactly the right image for this quite remarkable and tranquil piece. Performed by guitar on a synthy background by Mike Andrews, which even includes an occasional operatic style vocal, a superb end to the CD.

I have been deliberately vague, as to not spoil the surprise when you DO purchase the CD.

While listening to the CD I have been amazed by its professionalism. This was just a beta version of the CD, and it's by far more superior than Chris's previous
outings. Chris has stated that it'll improve even more. This is going to knock spots of any other Remix CD yet. Strike me down if I lie. Are you ready to experience
the c64 like you have never heard it sound before. I would, you are going to be surprised… No AMAZED! - not long now…

Preview by Neil Carr/Remix64