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Oh my what to say. I'm a terminal case of untreatable nostalgia; got my A500 in 1990 though my memory is fuzzy on that point. Those first X-copied DD-floppies from a friend contained Silkworm and Bubble Bobble; severely infected at that point since the A500 itself came solely with F/A-18 Interceptor and Indiana Jones (the Action Adventure). After the years, stacks of Amiga Format, Amiga Action and the One for Amiga games accumulating into boxes of floppies.


AS the story goes, Commodore kicked the bucket, many of the Amiga platform dwellers moved onto PCs and some contrarian as always - went to Apple. Many an Amiga was left in closets and lofts to gather dust by thousands of owners. The faithful clung on though the waves of EScom, Gateway and whomever passed the eviscerated patents and brand goodwill of Commodore , hand to corporate hand that hadn't a clue about what to do with it.


Neither a front line fighter not a basement guerilla in keeping the torch burning over the past over twenty bloodyfragginghellamireallythatoldffs years, but I have been with it all the way. When I noticed the final issue of Amiga Format on the newsstands, loudly proclaiming that the end had come something gave; years after that, hopes that the custom PowerPC hardware and desktop computers would give the Amiga just that slight comeback; with the AmigaOS going from 3.5 to the much anticipated 4.0 and as time creeeeeaked by, OS 4.1, after which it was clear that the heat death was imminent. There was too little going on to maintain my previously continual interest and observation of the remainder of the Amiga milieu. edit: I was wrong, apparently there's such a thing as 68080s around now. Blimey.


AmigaRemix et al. are the embers of these times past; systems and platforms that was the home to artistic and madly talented guys and gals to create worlds of wonders in impressions and sheer creative product. The embers here are only those of the audible side of things, yet these many audio productions tie to a whole cascade of the Amiga platform and milieu; first the games and from there on, the world. Their song give joy to my ears.


Thus a hearty hello to all of you nostalgic cases out there.