Editorial: May 2005

Chris Abbott

Yesterday's Man?

I'm going to get personal here, for a minute.

Your mamma was fat.

No, I mean, a different kind of personal.

It's been a tough three years for me: and not only me, but the whole C64Audio team: we've had unemployment, overemployment, near-death, pseudo-death, bank problems, prank problems… it's understandably put a bit of a dent in my ability to actually deliver anything substantive except live events: and frankly, most of the work is done by Skitz, Boz and Kenz 😉 Children, especially twins (as Trace will know) should be the most important thing: blink and you miss those special moments. But it doesn't half put a brake on your productive life!

I'm going somewhere with this: honest!

C64Audio is, frankly, looking past its best. It's a struggle to even keep it updated, because my free time is spent dreaming of music and e-commerce while writing a big system that hopefully will allow me to realise some of my other dreams, and looking after the children. I'm beginning to feel as if I've spent forever promising things to the fans: the update of C64Audio.com, BIT 4/5/6, etc.

You see, I'm not used to not accomplishing things: as a rule, I get things done. It's embarrassing to be so long down the line still promising things. I get the feeling I've stretched people's credibility: and it's even more frustrating to see others having the same ideas as I had (and which I wanted to pursue) and pursuing them. I've often felt as if the world is passing me by…

There's another factor to this, which is that I kind of feel like I've become more well known for the whole industry thing than for my music. I'm a musician. I always have been. The other stuff is just stuff: OK, stuff I believe in, and stuff which needs to happen (and which other people need), but the music has always been where I wanted to be: and yet I've had no time to go anywhere with it: I have sooo many ideas.

But I always get the feeling time is running out before people drift away and give up on me as all vapourware and no substance.

Change is coming: I'm now a very good PHP coder, and the content and knowledge is there to finally get that redo done: the question is whether I've left it too late, or whether the relaunch of ole' C64Audio.com will help create another Indian Summer for the c64 remix scene.

One change is this: I'm not going to continue the Back in Time series of CDs. There's no point. The magic of BIT 3 was the chemistry between the artists, and especially myself and Boz. Geography and real life have made that more difficult, and anyway, what product could we deliver that wouldn't disappoint? Remix64 - Into Eternity did the orchestral thing, and what's left? Well, not very much, really. The historical impetus for the CDs has gone, thanks to the plentiful supply of SID remixes everywhere else.

So where do I go from here? Well, my love for Synth music in undiminished, and as I said, I've got lots of ideas. FTC's album (which Marcel will also be working on) is going to be a glorious synth-fest, and there are CDs all over the place. There are even odd non-C64 CDs I want to do following on from Crystal Dreamscapes.

I've got too much to do to give up now on C64 music: but I just hope C64 music doesn't give up on me…

In the meantime, a coup in Manila means that the previous slanty chap has been replaced by a completely new slanty chap, who here demonstrates the slicing action needed to ensure maximum pineapple juice extraction.

- Chris
This man is a whiz with an angle.

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