Remix64 Editorial - June 2004

Edit: If you're in the UK, support Mark madfiddler Knight and buy the unofficial English Football anthem Come on England, which Mark plays on. It can be bought online from HMV.

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There are some times in your life when nothing can be finalised, since you're waiting… waiting… waiting… for things to happen.

Now is one such time, in a month when the biggest news was the amazing Marcel Donné Formula One Simulator Fart Explosion, which very quickly passed into remix legend. Make no mistake: for C64 radio, these are those golden days which you'll speak warmly of in years to come!

Anyway, all I can do this month, for lack of mental energy, is give you a quick update on a few projects: BIT Live Brighton DVD will now be delayed until the BIT Live after the next one: for the simple reason that we hope to get better footage of SID80s and the other acts, so it results in a better all-encompassing DVD. Woo! So, sorry for the delay.

Also, the final announcement for BIT Live has been delayed, and it's because of a venue thing. It's not that we've had any trouble with St. Luke's (we haven't), but another option came up which we wanted to explore and which we got excited about. Unfortunately that means waiting around before we can confirm: however, the date is still fixed at Sep. 11th.

Incoming CDs include Makke, Sonic Wanderer, FTC, a possible collaboration between Markus Schneider and Marcel Donné (though this is partially dependent upon a stupid American getting off his fat corporate arse and remembering his roots). Note that I don't mention BIT 4/5/6/7/8/infinity. That's pretty much because at the moment my free time is restricted to less than 20 hours a week. That's just not enough time to do anything like the concentrated creativity that has to go into a BIT 4. If people are still interested, as my twins grow up a bit, I should have more time: though this is dependent on me not having to move to an energy-sapping 40 hour a week IT contract again (god, the idea just tires me out thinking about it). Work, and creativity: pretty much mutually exclusive, I find. So whether BIT 4 turns up is dependent upon how the next site revamp of goes. If well, then all things are possible. If not, well…

Oh yeah, I forgot, BIT 3 was rereleased. Woo! It did seem a bit of a shame that it wasn't available any more, and Max Levin helped out to make this repress possible.

At the moment all my energies are going on a side-project which has taken me right back to my roots, and which no one else seems to want to do (or be able to do, or have the rights to do… etc). It's fun, but in a laborious sort of way. But it is good to hear limited sound hardware being pushed by the magic of the spirit of SID. And, as in BIT 1, someone needs to do it! (and that's where I come in).

Anyway, I'm sure this makes no sense whatsoever, so congratulations to Trace on his new arrivals (quick tip: when they grow up, watch the fingers in the door), and congratulations to all the live show participants this month (quick tip: do something funny!).

There's probably more news, but it's ten minutes before midnight after a tiring load of days when the kids caught cold again, so… signing off…

Meanwhile, here's the funnyman doing something funny with angles, a set square, and three tons of cement…