Editorial - January 2004

Well, thank God that's over

I'm writing this on New Year's Eve.

I was going to pontificate about why you create your art, but that can wait.

It's amazing that we're all still here in 2004: almost 20 years since the beginning of the glory days of SID. I'm personally very surprised that the remix scene has lasted this long. I certainly never thought we'd get to the third year of BIT Lives, or so many remix CDs. Partly it's due to new blood entering the remix scene and maturing quicker: partially it seems that it's because technology is enabling more people to do what they've wanted to, such as Marcel's Sidologie or Remix64 vol 2. And of course, Press Play on Tape and Stuck in D'80s have given a new lease of life to the C64 scene by adding a damn sight better live performance aspect than the me and my bloody Gameboy crap that's currently in vogue around Europe. (isn't it odd that the C64 remix community has been as much about the music as the sounds, whereas chipmusic tends to jettison the music entirely in many cases).

Anyway, 2004 will probably see more activity than ever in the C64 scene, thanks to ever more people in high places taking an interest. And I _mean_ high places. But, Believe it when I see it is the optimum phrase!

From C64Audio.com, expect more Project CDs, though probably with differing kinds of content depending on the personality and history of the composer involved. Equally there will be DVDs this year, honest. And if I can ever find the time, there will be a new venture which will fill a hell of a hole in the lives of SID fans, and which dates back to when I first started doing remixes in 1994. I'm still hoping that the bulk of BIT 4 will be done by this time next year, and FTC's album is still on the books, since I LOVE that guy. Anything else that happens, happens. There will be another BIT Live, but probably the tail end of the year.

Other than that, Markus is busy working on a Remix64 revamp, which looks promising, I'm sure Neil will expand on MBD records, and if you think PPOT will stop doing things… you're very much mistaken 😉

So, a lot to look forward to, as long as RKO comes back online soon!

Happy New Year, and may 2004 be much better than 2003. Which was frankly crappy for most people I know.

Best wishes,

Chris (and the Remix64 team, though they haven't vetted this! 😉