Editorial - October 2003

Phew, that was a rush, wasn't it?

Well, that's another BIT Live over with: encouragingly all of the composers seemed to have had a better time than they thought possible, which is largely down to the brilliance of the people onstage, and the friendliness of the fans offstage. Gary Liddon said it way surpassed any expectations he had.

Now the process of recapturing this experience falls to the DVD team, but don't expect something quickly, since it's hard long work to produce something that looks effortless!

Will there be another? Well, probably, but it will have to have some decent sponsorship (which this one didn't, though I was expecting some). Watch this spac … and look out for the BIT Live reunion page coming soon (though ironically I don't think I'll be able to justify leaving my twins and going to Manchester for a piss-up!

Other stuff

Waz's entreaty to the masses to do less-covered and especially demo tunes drove some remixers such as Larsec to raid the /various directory in search of inspiration: and they found it too!

Philosophical Stuff

Sorry, fresh out! But, like, don't kill anybody and be nice. Right? (that's ImperialWizard out for a start!)

Remix64 stuff

I'd just like to wish LMan and Sunflower continuing good luck with the twins on their way (boy, do I know how that feels!), and Neil on his new record label venture. The T-shirts were a good start, brightening BIT Live as they did!

Anyway, a bit low on philosophy, but you don't need me going on about what just happened: it speaks for itself.. er… unless you weren't there of course!

Chris, who always relies on this chap who should be considered skilled and cunning!